Congratulations on your new baby !

We are sure you are excited to take your baby home but have you thought of sanitizing your car before you head home? Yes, you heard it right. We help you sanitize your car just the right way to ensure your baby is safe from harmful germs and foreign agents. Sanitizing involves using state-of-the-art medical sanitisers to ensure your car is germ free.

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Car Sanitisation

Interior Sanitisation

  • ⛍ Clean the entire interior of the car with dry cloth/duster
  • ⛍ Use the Vaccum Cleaner and clean for dust particles.
  • ⛍ Clean the entire interior of the car with wet cloth of special disinfectant liquid.
  • ⛍ Clean the fabric with foam and sanitizer to remove mild stains.
  • ⛍ Clean the AC vents by applying a disinfectant foam/liquid to kill the bacteria/germs.
  • ⛍ Clean Glasses/Windshield inside and Outside with Glass Cleaning Liquid.

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